27 North USA headquartered in Jupiter, Florida was formed under the premise that "there has to be a better paddle on the market". The sport of paddle boarding is evolving at light speed. Riders and racers demand equipment that performs under the harshest of conditions. The frustration of breaking extremely expensive paddles was one of our prime motivators to create a quality paddle product. As the number of performance paddle athletes continues to grow exponentially every year, the demand for high strength, lightweight, dependable paddles does as well.

Jupiter, Florida, (latitude 27 degrees North) and other regions of Florida experienced a boom in all genres of stand up paddle boarding over the past 5 years like no other region of the USA. The range of possibilities from paddle surfing to paddle racing to paddle yoga combined with a perfect climate and aquatic playground produced some of the most competitive and versatile paddle athletes the sport has seen to date. In essence, our athletes come from the perfect product proving grounds. We have put our paddles to the test and are excited to introduce the unmatched performance and value to you.

27 North USA embodies the serious stand up paddle athlete and the products they demand. We have developed paddles that are designed for the serious paddle surfer, the elite racer and of course the everyday recreational paddler. Our featured paddle, made from Kevlar wrapped carbon comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and is indestructible………….please join us, as there is strength in numbers.
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SUPzilians team up with 27 North USA

June 14, 2014

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale www.27northusa.com

May 21, 2014

The proverbial "kick-off" to summer is here! We are indeed fortunate here in South Florida to pretty much have the endless summer. We do realize however,  that the bulk of the USA is just now starting to feel the grip of winter let go and the waters are starting to warm up. First off, let us not forget what this holiday weekend actually means! Please take the time to honor those that have fallen while serving this great country. Most of us will take to the waterways in some shape or form this weekend so do be careful, check your equipment and have fun! We are offering 20% off all orders May 22nd through May 26th. Let's put that in...

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ESSC (Eastern SUP SURF Circuit) & 27 North Paddles

May 13, 2014

27 North paddles is beyond stoked to announce we will be the premiere sponsor for the the 2014 ESSC 3 event series held in New Smyrna Beach, FL (September), Jupiter, FL (October) and Indiatlantic, FL (November). Be sure to check out all the details at www.esscsurf.com The ESSC (formerly known at the Summer SUP Throwdown) has been the proving grounds for the southeast USA SUP surf contest scene. The ESSC has spawned many SUP pros such as  Kieran Grant, Fisher Grant, Giorgio Gomez, Izzi Gomez, & Nick Ventresca and this year is sure to showcase even more talent. We hope to see the media coverage and participation grow even more this year. Be sure to visit our tent this year...

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27 North (27 N) A stand up paddle company

May 09, 2014

Plain and simple....we are a paddle company. Developing a paddle for stand up paddlers that was strong, reliable and a tremendous value has been our mission since day 1. Why? because we saw the void in the paddle market for a truly strong paddle. 27 North was born out of necessity. There simply was not a paddle on the market that could stand up to the rapid progression the paddle surf and paddle race genre was going through in recent years. We are serious about the quality of our paddles and that is our primary focus. If you paddle surf, paddle race or simply paddle for recreational purposes, you want to make sure your paddle does not let you down...

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