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Represent in style with our 27 North Snapbacks and Legacy Trucker caps…and… don’t ever leave the house without a 27 North Next Level tee shirt. Soft, comfy and sporting our 27 North logo these tees are rad!

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All about numbers...Guy Fisher still ripping at 67 years old

Guy Fisher - 67 years young - 5'7" tall - 160 lbs.   Where were you born? Newark, New Jersey Where was the first place you surfed and how old were you? The first place I surfed was at Breezy Point, Queens, NY at the age of 9 on a wooden ironing board (no joke). What made you fall in love with surfing? It was the feeling of the sun, sand, surf with the feeling of freedom when riding a wave. What is your favorite part of surfing? For me it is the feeling of being connected to God and nature when in the water   When did you get into Paddle Surfing? I started paddle surfing about 4 years...

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Here’s a special offer to top all special offers: purchase our Takeo Pro Surf paddles and you will have a paddle for life…because our Takeo Pro Surf paddles are guaranteed for life! That’s right…for life! We’re so stoked to make this offer…but not much as you’ll be stoked when you have a Takeo Pro Surf paddle in your hands.

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The 27 North USA warranty covers all our paddles from defects in material and craftsmanship one (1) year from date of purchase. Any paddles submitted to 27 North USA within that one year and determined to be defective will be repaired or replaced. Our Pro Surf Kevlar Paddle is excempt from the one (1) date of purchase and comes with a Liftime Gurarantee.

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