All about numbers...Guy Fisher still ripping at 67 years old

Guy Fisher - 67 years young - 5'7" tall - 160 lbs.


Costa Rica - 2018

Where were you born?

Newark, New Jersey

Where was the first place you surfed and how old were you?

The first place I surfed was at Breezy Point, Queens, NY at the age of 9 on a wooden ironing board (no joke).

What made you fall in love with surfing?

It was the feeling of the sun, sand, surf with the feeling of freedom when riding a wave.

What is your favorite part of surfing?

For me it is the feeling of being connected to God and nature when in the water


When did you get into Paddle Surfing?

I started paddle surfing about 4 years ago.


Where is your favorite surf break and why?

It would have to be where I learned how to surf in Breezy Point, NY. I have great memories with friends and where else could you be surfing at a bird sanctuary while looking at downtown NYC!

What is your favorite board and who are your favorite shapers?

My favorite board is my Holiday Kustom SUP shaped by Andrew Patterson and Stu Sharpe.

Who is your favorite surfer?

Buttons Kaluhiokalani  - I loved the way he flowed from one turn to another and switching stance.

Why so much love for 27 North?

They make the best paddles and they are great people, like a family!


What advice would you give someone getting into paddle surfing?

 I would advise someone to work their way down in size of boards. Start bigger and gradually go smaller as you gain experience and confidence. 

Michael Mcgann
Michael Mcgann



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