27 North USA……Strength In Numbers

27 North USA headquartered in Jupiter, Florida was formed under the premise that "there has to be a better paddle on the market". The sport of paddle boarding is evolving at light speed. Riders and racers demand equipment that performs under the harshest of conditions. The frustration of breaking extremely expensive paddles was one of our prime motivators to create a quality paddle product. As the number of performance paddle athletes continues to grow exponentially every year, the demand for high strength, lightweight, dependable paddles does as well.

Jupiter, Florida, (latitude 27 degrees North) and other regions of Florida experienced a boom in all genres of stand up paddle boarding over the past 5 years like no other region of the USA. The range of possibilities from paddle surfing to paddle racing to paddle yoga combined with a perfect climate and aquatic playground produced some of the most competitive and versatile paddle athletes the sport has seen to date. In essence, our athletes come from the perfect product proving grounds. We have put our paddles to the test and are excited to introduce the unmatched performance and value to you.

27 North USA embodies the serious stand up paddle athlete and the products they demand. We have developed paddles that are designed for the serious paddle surfer, the elite racer and of course the everyday recreational paddler. Our featured paddle, made from Kevlar wrapped carbon comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and is indestructible………….please join us, as there is strength in numbers.
27 North USA



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